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Having a new puppy advice

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 09/09/2014   Category: Expert Advice

If you’ve decided you would like to introduce a puppy into your home then this is a very exciting time for you however you must first consider if the dog is right for you and you can give the dog everything they need.
If you’re lucky enough to be getting a new puppy, you will need to ensure that you are buying from a reputable breeder and not a puppy farm. It is also important that you research the breed thoroughly before committing to buy your puppy and ensure that you can deal with the breed characteristics as they grow out of the cute puppy stage.Hopefully this short article will help you to avoid the pitfalls when looking for your new puppy.

Do you have the space for a puppy? They will all start off small and fluffy however most will grow and it is this size you need to consider when choosing your breed. Do you have enough outside space that is secure enough to let your puppy free into? Dogs love their outdoor times to explore all the different smells and sounds. It’s part of their play time and is vitally important for a happy puppy. Most breeds will shed their hair as a natural part of their lifestyle. You must consider if this is going to be a problem for you and if it is only consider the non molting dog breeds.

Now think about how much time you can commit to your new puppy. The first few months of a dogs life are vital to what type of dog they become. All puppies will need a balance of exercise, play time and training with both dogs and people however all in different amounts so ensure your breed can suit your lifestyle. Another point worth considering along with how active they are is their hair. If you choose a long haired dog you must consider in your finances that they will needed grooming, on average every six weeks but this does vary for each breeds. Would you be looking at purchasing a dog clipper and doing it yourself or would you pay for a groomer each time.

If you have looked at all the basics of having a puppy and you have agreed it is something you want and can provide for you must then consider which breed is right for you. Firstly would you want a cross breed or a pure breed? A pedigree puppy has the advantage of knowing more what they will look like in adult life and you often know more history about them whereas a cross breed is less likely to have health problems in the future.
Once decided on the breed you want, you need to research reputable breeders. If you have been recommended a breeder it would usually mean they have experience in their field, they know how to bring the dogs up before you have them which is very important as they can begin puppy training, wean them onto food and also prevent any bad behaviour traits like possession aggression which can start from puppy age if the breeder isn’t experienced.

When visiting your puppy which you should always do at least three times at different hours of the day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, this is your chance to find out as much as possible and if they are a reputable breeder they would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Types of questions to ask would include:
• Can I see the puppies with their mum – it’s always important to see the temperament of the mum and this would be inherited and also if they can’t show you the mum, this should be your first warning sign that it is not a good breeder.
• Are they weaned – by seven weeks of age all puppies should be weaned from mum
• Have they been wormed and vaccinated – all puppies should have been wormed before you have them and vaccinations are due from 6-9 weeks so make sure to check this.
• What and when do I feed my puppy – most breeders will print off an information sheet to help you on your way. You will want to continue with what they are being fed so it’s one less change for the puppy to deal with.
• When can I take the puppy home – puppies should only ever leave mum from 8 weeks old.

This is a very exciting time for the whole family to enjoy and by following these few simple you can be sure there will be no hiccups along the way. Enjoy your new puppy!