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The New Slim Aluminium Raised Dog Bed has Arrived!

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 05/10/2016   Category: Animal HQ

This new Easy Animal Slim Aluminium raised dog bed has been manufactured in the USA exclusively for Easy Animal and can now be purchased through our website.

It is a strong and durable dog bed that has the added benefit of being chew proof so it eliminates the issue of dogs chewing through beds and owners having to replace them regularly. If you purchase this bed, you will not be looking to replace it for years to come. Unlike other raised dog beds that are often seen as bulky, this slim line version can fit perfect in smaller areas both inside and outside your home. Its neutral grey colour also helps it blend more into the home and will look great inside or out as it goes with most interiors.

Raising your dog up off the ground is beneficial for your dog in both the summer and winter months. A raised dog bed allows air to circulate underneath and keep your dog at the right temperature all year around. They also give your dog the most hygienic night’s sleep possible. Soft dog beds or bean bag beds can harbor germs, dust mites and dirt which takes constant work to keep cleaning and drying in time for your dog’s naps or bed time. The raised dog bed can be wiped clean and dried in seconds that will not interrupt your dog’s routine.

Raised dog beds are also known to be the most comfortable beds for dogs to use and are great for their posture. Unlike softer cushioned dog beds they give a firm, even support to your dogs spine so your dog gets the best night’s sleep possible. Available in three sizes: medium 35” x 23”, large 40” x 25”and extra large 44” x 27”, they are set to be our new best seller.