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Social Networking for Pet Owners

New social network to help dog owners walk together

Posted by: Sophie Berrisford  Date: 14/01/2014   Category: Blog

A new social networking site named Barkbook has been launched to help dog owners or dog lovers meet up and enjoy dog walking together. This newly established site has been created by dog owner Annette B Kellow to make it easier to meet people with the same interest in dogs that she has. Annette explained how she came about the idea of Barkbook, “I noticed that a lot of dog-owning friends like to have playmates for their dogs, especially local ones and i often look after friends’ dogs when on holiday or working and they do the same for me. I thought it would be a great opportunity to be introduced to the same concept.”

Barkbooks site is free to use and encourages both dog owner and dog lovers who simply enjoy dog walking but are unable to have their own dogs to use the site. The site has had a great launch generating a lot of interest as Annette thought it would have. “Barkbook brings dog lovers and owners together.

Dog owners will benefit by having a local free dog walker/sitter, while dog lovers will be able to look after a lovely furry friend so they are getting their ‘doggy fix’. As for the dogs – the will be lavished with attention in a safe and secure environment with a new play friend.

Barkbook is a great concept where both the dog owner and the dog benefits, you can share your experiences and tips with each other whilst giving dogs time to spend with other dogs. Go to www.barkbook.co.uk for more information and to get involved. Enjoy walking!