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New Terry Ryan dog training aid now in stock

New Terry Ryan dog training aid now in stock

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 24/08/2013   Category: Dog Training

Have you tried clicker training and enjoyed it? Now try target training, it is even more fun for both you and your dog. Terry Ryan, the well known dog trainer has produced a clicker and retractable target stick to help train your dog whilst enjoying it at the same time.

The ‘Clik Stik’ is a small, lightweight tool used in training to help reinforce commands used whilst in clicker training. It is so easy to use it only requires one hand at any time, leaving the other hand completely free for treats or anything else you might need.

This is a great innovative product that works well with any dog breed no matter what size they are as the target stick is retractable from 6-23 inches so from a standing position, the target reaches any dogs head. It is simply transported as it has a belt clip on the back of it so it’s at hands reach whenever needed.

It is a wonderful tool to help with all the basic dog training commands such as heeling, send outs and go outs however it can also help with tricks so it is a product that you can use for several things as you dog responds well to the training.

Unlike a normal clicker, the sound projected from the Clik Stik is a softer sound so if your dog has ever seemed startled or unhappy about clicker sounds then this would be perfect for you. The training tool comes with a two year warranty and with a free Terry Ryan training guide to get you started.