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New Trend In Ugly Dogs

New Trend In Ugly Dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 23/02/2012   Category: General

The new trend hitting Britain at the moment is the love of dog breeds that are less traditional, less common and been branded as ‘ugly’. The Kennel Club have revealed a shocking statistic that out of five traditional breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever and West Highland White Terrier are all down considerately yet numbers of breeds less traditional such as Mexican Hairless and Chinese Crested have boomed.

It is believed that the trend for ugly dogs has come about due to the owners of dogs looking out for rare dogs or unusual dogs. People want their dogs to make a statement rather than just blending into the traditional dog breeds. The two breeds that people would class as the rarest or most extreme would be the Chinese Crested and the Mexican hairless. Both breeds of dogs are very noticeable and get a lot of attention which is why people are thriving to own these breeds. Both breeds have stormed in price and cost in excess of £1,000 for a puppy.

Other breeds that would be classed as unusual have had their numbers boosted by celebrities owning them, for example a Pug or a Chihuahua. These breeds especially are used to make a fashion or lifestyle statement and due to being popularised by celebrities, we have seen numbers rise immensely in these breeds. Whilst some people would see this trend ridiculous, the owners of such breeders genuinely do love their dogs and don’t see them as ugly, claiming that people should not be so shallow and it is in fact the people making comments about such dogs that are those in the wrong. So is it wrong that people are popularising such breeds, or is wrong that people see an issue with it.

What is your view on this do you own a strkingly ugly dog we would love to see your photos.