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Now is the time to feed your dogs a balanced diet

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 09/01/2015   Category: Blog

As the Christmas period finishes and we stop indulging on all the festive food,  it appears that too many pet owners carry on feeding their dogs with a poor diet. All this poor quality food combined with too may treats or food scraps can cause many dogs to become obese as this often carries on all year round.

The PDSA have released an animal wellbeing report that has shocked the nation showing how poorly we feed our pets. Over five and a half million pets are being fed fatty foods and treats as part of their daily diet and unfortunately this will eventually take its toll on the dog’s lifestyle. Food such as crisps, cake, cheese and even finishing off their owners meals are just some of the foods that dog owners are feeding their pets.

It is now estimated by 80% of vets that there will be more overweight pets than healthy pets in just five years unless we take action, raise awareness and take care of our animals better. The report recently released showed alarm figures of over two million pet owners give in to feeding their pets things that they know they shouldn’t if their pet begs enough. It is a shocking statistic that is what will result in our pet’s health being put at risk.

Humans understand that if they eat badly and gain weight then it can cause health problems later in life so we now need to get across that this is exactly what will happen to our pets unless we make changes to the way we treat them. Diabetes and cardiovascular issues are two of the most common issues to occur with weight gain in pets.

The solution to this problem is to raise awareness about this problem and get all pet owners to seek advice if they are in this situation with their pet. The majority of vet practices in England will offer nutritional advice for pets and dietary advice to help pets lose weight in a safe way. If you or anyone you know has an overweight pet then please advise them to seek advice from a professional and prevent their pet becoming ill through weight gain