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Old English Sheep Dog ‘fantastic family pets’ claim breeders

Posted by: Pablo Smithson  Date: 03/01/2013   Category: Latest News

The Old English Sheep Dog – the pooch from the Dulux adverts – makes a great family pet, according to a husband-and-wife breeder team.

According to therugbyobserver.co.uk, the breed was placed on the Kennel Club’s At Watch list in 2012, but breeders Tony and Janet Steele claim that the dogs are excellent companions.

Janet accepted that the dogs do need a bit of combing, but they do not require much exercise considering their size, adding that good company and nice walks are all they need to be happy – although they may enjoy a nice dog bed at the end of the day too.

She said: “People are following trends and fashions in dogs despite these dogs just not being suitable to many lifestyles. Despite the fact that Old English Sheepdogs have good temperaments and can make fantastic family pets their popularity is being eclipsed by more fashionable foreign breeds that can be much harder to train and care for.”

Following the announcement that the Old English Sheep Dog was being put on the At Watch list – for those breeds with between 301 and 450 puppy registrations in a year – the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme manager Bill Lambert explained that lifestyle issues have been a major factor in its decline.

Cited by thekennelclub.org.uk, Mr Lambert noted that the breed is not really suitable for urban lifestyles.