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Oster vs Andis – which are the best dog clippers?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/04/2014   Category: Owners Guides

If you are reading this article you may well be thinking about buying a dog clipper to clip your own dogs or you might even be starting out on the road to becoming a professional groomer. Whatever the reason it’s important that you get the right impartial advice as buying the wrong brand can be an expensive mistake.

For many years now we have sold both brands and the first important point to make you aware of is that both are seriously good brands. Both have been established over 40 years and have led the way in terms of producing robust animal dog clippers. We regularly hear of customers buying a cheaper brand like a Wahl or similar and the majority just regret this so our advice is to make sure that you don’t waste good money on a cheap pair.andis_super-300x300

Pet hair is more aggressive than human hair and this really takes its toll on a clipper as the motor just will not cope with the thicker hair causing the clipper to overheat, stall and burn out so ensure that you buy a clipper that has been designed to clip pet hair. Both Oster and Andis are professional heavy duty clippers and have a long history of coping with all breeds of pet hair; the important question is which one do you choose though?


As pet hair is more difficult to deal with it is important that the motor is more powerful. In a cheaper clipper, more power would equate to more noise which could frighten a nervous dog. Everyone wants a quiet clipper for sure and our findings are that the Andis clippers do tend to be quieter than the Oster ones, so if your dog tends to be frightened by noise then we certainly recommend you should choose an Andis one.

Many dogs do get worried when you clip around their face and ears as the noise will be at its maximum when the clipper is close to the ears, if this is the case then go for a 2 speed clipper so that you can change the speed to the slowest speed which will be quieter when clipping this area of your dog.


Unfortunately all clippers rely on finely machined components to oscillate at a very quick speed. The end result of this is that the energy is transformed into heat so all clippers will build up heat and get warmer as you use them. However, with the cheaper brands this can be fatal and cause the motor to burn out.

Both Oster and Andis will get warm, but they are designed not to overheat to the point that will cause damage. It is important that you use a lubricant during clipping which keeps everything free and moving and this also has the extra benefit of cooling the blade during the process.

A significant mistake that many people make when clipping their dog is that they choose the wrong blade for their breed. It is essential that you clip the dog with the right blade and we would suggest you read our dog clipper blade guide or give us a call if you are in doubt. From independent testing our experience is that the Andis clippers do run cooler in general with the Oster clippers running slightly warmer.


When making an investment in a dog clipper you want to have peace of mind that they will last you many years – especially if you are grooming for a business it is essential that the clippers will have a long life and will be durable.

Both Oster and Andis are really good in this respect with nothing in it. We do regularly get calls from customers who purchased their Oster A5 clippers over 20 years ago so we feel that the Osters are perhaps the most robust of all. Many professional groomers were brought up on them. Certainly their longevity is a deciding factor for many customers who choose to buy the Oster clippers.


Both Oster and Andis have excellent reputations in the grooming arena, but we feel that the Andis clippers perhaps have an edge as they are generally quieter , lighter and they are more ergonomic than the Oster A5 clippers. However more recently Oster are fighting back with the launch of the new Oster A6 range and the Oster 3000i cordless range.

These new products from Oster are every bit as good as the Andis, although they are at a slightly higher price point. The battle to be the best dog clippers on the market continues. We hope this article helps you to choose which dog clipper to buy.

If you are still undecided why not call our friendly team on 0845 180 1010 who are more than happy to discuss your grooming queries.