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Owners come up with dog ‘bucket list’

Owners come up with dog ‘bucket list’

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 01/11/2012   Category: Latest News

Dog owners and experts have come up with another way to treat their pets – by creating a ‘bucket list’ detailing all the things a dog should do before it dies.

The list, which was commissioned by insurance company MORE TH>N,  details the top 50 ‘must-do dog experiences’. Dog behaviour experts worked with canine owners to create the list.

It is hoped that the list will break owners ‘out of a rut’ when it comes to their pets; encouraging them to try different activities – particularly as the research revealed 20 per cent of dogs had had the chance to run through a forest. Twenty-six per cent had never attended a family picnic, either.

The top 50 included a few lavish treats, such as having personalised dog kennels and staying in a boutique dog hotel. Other ideas including appearing in a family portrait and having a Christmas stocking.

Talking about the list and findings, vet Marc Abraham told dailymail.co.uk: “Make no mistake about it, we’re a nation of dog-lovers, but it seems a lot of owners have become stuck in a rut.

“Understanding and appreciating the many different things you can now do with your dog will greatly enrich the lives of both you and your four-legged friends.”

The news comes not long after yahoo.com revealed that 11-year-old Cole Hein created a bucket list for his Jack Russell Bingo, after doctors revealed the dog was dying.