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Painter pooch raises money for animal charities with artwork

Posted by: Elizabeth Smythe  Date: 03/06/2013   Category: Latest News

A rescue dog’s artistic talents have gone on to raise lots of money for animal charities, earning £300 per painting, celebrityballa.com writes.

Two-year old Arbor was found wandering the streets and taken to an animal shelter. The pooch was subsequently adopted by Bryce and Jennifer Henderson, yet they were unaware of their new pet’s skills; for she is an artist.

It immediately became apparent to the couple that their dog was intelligent, she picked up tricks with ease so they decided to try something a little more challenging and got the paints out.

According to Bryce, Arbor “lots of positive reinforcement” helped Arbor learn how to pick up the brush, walk to the easel and “brush back and forth at just the right distance to make beautiful strokes”. She has improved ever since and now it only takes her around 15 minutes to complete a new masterpiece.

All that paint might require the use of some dog grooming equipment – unless, of course, they’re washable.

The budding ‘Paw-casso’, as thesun.co.uk drolly quips, has sold several paintings at charity events to raise money for other animals in need. One picture raised almost £300 via an online auction, with the total profits going to charity.

“When we tell people our dog paints,” Bruce said, “you can tell many of them don’t quite grasp the concept.

“They think she uses her paw or her tail, then we show them videos of her painting in action and their jaws drop and they say ‘Oh my gosh, your dog paints!'”