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Partially sighted man hopes to pass on skill of taming dogs

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 09/08/2013   Category: Latest News

A partially sighted man from Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, is hoping that a new documentary on his dog taming talents can help limit the number of attacks on canines.

As reported by wisbechstandard.co.uk, Zak Soan was only 18-years-old when his sight first started to deteriorate and has been left with 25 per cent vision just three years on.

However, even with his eyesight issues, Zak has trained himself to able to strike up a bond with difficult dogs.

He gained his unique set of skills by adopting an ill-treated Staffordshire Bull Terrier and then teaching it to be more approachable through communication and some much-needed TLC.

Zak can now be found putting his skills to good use at Dogs in Mind’s rescue centre in Wansford, where he cares for the pups and educates people about dog ownership.

While products like the anti bark collar can help people tame their dogs, Zak has filmed a documentary that tells people how they can improve their pets’ behaviour through the use of communication.

“The project is to teach children and adults how to approach dogs and read their body language to prevent any dogs getting abandoned or put down,” he told cambstimes.co.uk.

The film gained its big screen debut in Peterborough town centre last week, where Zak was on hand to teach dog owners about training their pets.

Zak and the team at Dogs in Mind also visited a school in Lincoln to show the film and tell pupils how they can choose the right type of dog to fit their family.

“I think parents and teachers are starting to realise these classes are something that can benefit children,” he added.