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Paws Are Made For Walking gets our thumbs up

Paws Are Made For Walking gets our thumbs up

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 14/10/2013   Category: Dog Walking

Dog walking is one of our favourite past times here at Easy Animal HQ. There are so many reasons why dog walking is so great for our beloved pets. It’s a fantastic outlet for a dog’s energy. Dogs love having the space and freedom to walk and run, it releases the energy they conserve whilst sleeping or resting at home. A well walked dog will behave much better within a household. Walking fulfils their natural instinct to explore; they love all the different smells that they wouldn’t necessary get at home. Dog walking is great way of both mentally and physically stimulating a dog. Dogs brains work most when they come across new things such as smells, sounds and sights so walking a dog will keep its brain working and being engaged.

Using a dog walk as a training time is a fantastic thing to do, especially from an early age. This will help create a bond between both you and the dog, and especially if you have several dogs it will help enforce that you are the pack leader. It has been proven that walking your dogs on a daily basis will help improve the quality and of their life and even lengthen their lives similarly to how it would do a humans life.

Whilst getting out with your dog is a great way to bond and have fun, at times this may become difficult, due to work commitments, events or ill health. If this is the case it should not prevent your dog getting their daily walk and keeping to their routine. A simple way to ensure your dog’s daily walk would be to use a dog walking company.

One company we recommend is Paws Are Made For Walking based in Edinburgh run by Lynn. You can quickly see how fond Lynn is of dogs and all other pets, enjoying time with them outdoors at any chance she is. The company is priced well and has a variety of options to choose from. If you require a dog walking service in the Edinburgh area then be sure to contact Lynn.