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Pet owners claim on their insurance the most

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 05/02/2013   Category: Latest News

A new survey has discovered that of all the insurance options available, people are most likely to claim on their pet cover, sportballa.com reports.

The findings were made by Which?, following an research on how many of its members had submitted an insurance claim over the last two years and why.

It found that 39 per cent of those with pet insurance had made at least one claim, compared with just 20 per cent who had claimed on their car insurance, 18 per cent on home insurance and 15 per cent on their travel insurance.

The biggest reason for claiming on pet insurance, assuming 70 per cent of all claims, was pet illness. Injury or accident was the cause of 18 per cent of claims.

The research highlights that pet insurance is not something to ignore, but is a precautionary measure that brings peace of mind at a difficult time. It might also be pertinent for pet owners to invest in some better pet equipment to mitigate injury as far as possible, such as locking cat flaps or a dog harness.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the total cost of pet insurance claims has risen by 44 per cent in just a few years, moneyfacts.co.uk reports. In 2007, claims costs £302 million but rose to £436 million 2011. Another reason for taking steps to reduce claims.