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Pet steps help Pippa get into the bath

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 05/11/2014   Category: Blog

We love hearing from our customers but especially when it’s a success story about a product that has helped to enhance the life of a customers  pet. Melodie came to us for a solution as she was beginning to struggle to lift her dog into the bath.

Hi Easy Animal,
4 photo’s for you.  One of my gorgeous Sprollie (cross Springer/Bearded Collie) and 3 of the brilliant steps that will save an ageing 71 year old pensioners back as my lass is a regular fox poo roller. At 18Kg she is getting a little awkward to lift into the bath. She was amazing as she took to the steps like a duck to water. Best dog aid I have EVER purchased.
Kind Regards.

She purchased the Solvit Foldaway Pupstep Plus XL Pet stairs which are specially created for pets to get to places they are struggling to get it with old age, injury or even to give their owner some help with them. Melodie chose the XL version of the Pupstep as her Sprollie, Pippa weighs 18kg and would benefit from the robust structure of these stairs as they will not rock or move whilst Pippa is on them.

They only weigh 9lbs so are extremely light to fold away and move around the house as and when needed and can give you and your pet an easier life and allow your pet to still get to the places they always have without the struggle. They are perfect for medium to large dogs as they can hold up to 90kg and have winder steps than the normal version for small to medium dogs which is also available.

Melodie particularly wanted these steps to get Pippa in the bath and as you can see from the pictures, Pippa is using them with ease and it now means she can have a bath easily with Melodie having to struggling lifting her in.

At only £49.99 and with a free fast delivery, you could be struggle free and allow your dog to reach places like sofas and beds that they now can’t without your help. Ensure the check the size guides on our website to make sure you have enough room in your home for the version you require.Click the following link to see our full range of dog steps.