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Solvit pet stroller gives Poppy new lease of life

Poppy just loving her Solvit Stroller

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 22/03/2014   Category: Owners Stories

At Easy Animal we love receiving pictures of your pets using our products and seeing how they get on with them however when we have met the family in person it is always extra special for us.

Terry and Fiona Ferguson came to visit us last week in hope to buy a stroller for their beautiful Labrador Poppy. Poppy has unfortunately fallen into a ditch and broken her leg which had then stopped her participating in her daily beloved walks with the other dogs in the family. On vets orders Poppy was to be housebound and not allowed to walk outdoors at all which would prevent stimulation and fresh air for Poppy. This was a difficult situation as Terry would have to walk the other two dogs whilst Fiona stayed with Poppy then in the evening they swapped. The family’s walks were dividing both Terry and Fiona and also the dogs which left all three dogs missing each other and rather confused.

Terry came to us and purchased the new Solvit Houndabout II stroller in hope that he could push Poppy on walks with the other dog and she wouldn’t have to miss out on family time or fresh air. Poppy tried it out for size and once both Terry and Fiona were happy with the stroller they purchased it promising to let us know how they get on.

A few days later we received some fantastic pictures of Poppy out and about using her stroller. We were so glad to hear that Poppy was enjoying being in her stroller more than we ever imagined and also the other two dogs took well to the stroller and now all enjoy walks together again, something the family had missed out on before purchasing the stroller.

A stroller is a great way to help dogs who are injured or getting old still gain fresh air on walks and be with the family. If your dog is getting less mobile a stroller is a great way to give them a rest whilst still enjoying the outdoors. The Solvit Houndabout II is the new and improved version of the previous Houndabout. It has an extra wide wheelbase which enables the stroller to be exceptionally stable no matter what breed of dog is using it. The main difference from the previous version would be the aluminium structure providing a strong robust stroller but extremely lightweight and easy to move. The stroller includes pockets to hold all the necessities whilst out and about for example phone, money, keys, toys and leads. You can have your hands free purely to just push the stroller making your life easier.

Using this stroller will ensure your dog gets their daily dose of fresh air, become stimulated by all the different noises and smells whilst being safe and comfortable within the stroller itself. If you require a stroller, you must research the weight and size of your dog and then decide which size is best for you. Gradually introduce your dog to the stroller if they seem slightly wary of it however once they are in the stroller proceed to take the dog outside. Once your dog associates the stroller with walks it will become their new best friend.