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Puppy farming practice to be debated in parliament

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 11/12/2013   Category: Latest News

It is a well known fact that the puppy farms in the UK are despised by most people however there are a select few who feel it acceptable to farm puppies in this way putting both the mother and puppies in dangerous situations.
Puppy farms have regularly been in the news over the news however there has still not been any action taken or laws in place to prevent them so now it has taken the general public to pull together to ensure this issue is brought up in front of the 650 members of parliament in our lower chamber, The House of Commons. The UK has a system that allows people to set up their own online petitions and with this a deal was made where if the petition received over 100,000 signatures then it earned the right to be mentioned in parliament and debated.
The petition, named PupAid passed the 100,000 threshold and has now earned to right to be debated. Mr. Abraham, one of The Kennel Club’s veterinary advisors spoke at the latest meeting of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare stating he hopes this petition would bring things to the next level. “Puppy farming is generally an unknown industry by the public, but when people find out about it – that dogs are being bred commercially in such conditions – they become very passionate, and this has created modern-day army of new foot soldiers.
This subject now can’t be ignored and the petition will take the debate into Parliament next year, trying to make damned sure that something is done about puppy farming and that puppies are always seen interacting with their mothers. Cruelty can be prevented.”
The Chairman of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, Neil Parish has confirmed this issue will now be raised in front of parliament in March and debated thoroughly. ”This will highlight the need to see puppies and kittens with their mothers so people know where they come from.
This will be thoroughly aired and I will make sure I speak quite strongly on the issue.”
There are several acts in place currently to benefit dog’s welfare however this must now be put in place correctly with harsh penalties for those who do not obey them. Whether you are a hobby breeder or a licensed breeder you must obey by the same rules and guidelines ensuring all dogs and puppies are safe and well. If anyone has any concerns about the welfare of dogs being bred they should report the issue to the relevant authority.
All dog owners and lovers will be keeping an eye out for the debate in March to see if anything comes of it as although ideally it would be debated in front of 650 members or parliament it is often the case to see only a handful of MPs turning up. We hope this won’t be the case and that it can be handled in a serious way to help prevent and stop unnecessary suffering to innocent animals.