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Puppy proofing your home tips

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 22/03/2014   Category: Expert Advice

Are you ready and prepared to bring home your new puppy? It is always advisable to spend some time before picking your puppy up ensuring your house is safe for them to come in to, nothing is around that they could damage and nothing could harm them.

Puppies are very inquisitive and will investigate all the objects in your house by sniffing, touching, licking and chewing them. These are all smells and sights that are new to the puppy and they will need to explore them to feel safe however you should be aware of some items that will need to be stored away from the puppy.

 Items that need to be kept well away from your puppy are as follows:

  • Small stationery items: rubber bands, rubber, staples, paper clips

  • Medication: painkillers, vitamins, cotton ear buds, plasters

  • Cleaning products: soaps, bleach, antibacterial wipes

  • Small household items: coins, hair grips, bobbles

  • Toxic plants: hydrangea, daffodil, lilies, philodendron

  • Valuables: Ornaments, shoes, handbags

The first 24 hours in the puppies new home is important so ensue everything you don’t want the puppy to have is out of their way so you don’t have to take anything off them. Have a selection of puppy toys to play with as this will keep them occupied and entertained. A great idea is to ask for a toy when you collect the puppy, this will have a familiar smell on it and will help the puppy feel calm and safe. Always put this toy in their bed at night time to help settle them.

Keep food out of reach and in containers as puppies can smell even the faintest of scents and will be tempted by food; this includes the bin so preferably have one that closes. Keep anything electrical and electrical cords away from the puppies, cords make the perfect chewing toy and can be extremely dangerous.

Ensure you have a lock cupboard for any household chemicals and cleaning products; baby locks are great for this purpose and will prevent the puppy learning how to open the cupboard. Ensure any curtain or blind cords are out of reach as your puppy would see these as a toy get tangled in them.

Be aware that your puppy will sniff everything and occasionally chew. If you want to prevent this provide plenty of chew toys and distract them with these, you can also buy products to prevent chewing on objects they shouldn’t such as bitter apple spray.

In the winter you need to be particularly careful of chemicals that could be on the ground whilst out walking with your dogs. In the colder months people will be using de icer and anti freeze which can leak onto the ground, both of which are lethal to dogs and whilst they may not lick or taste it whilst walking it can stay on their paws and they could lick them later on. A good idea is to always clean your dog’s paws after warms ensuring they are free of any chemicals.