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RAC report shows dog owners ignoring dog travel laws

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 21/01/2015   Category: Latest News

The RAC has recently performed research that shows over one in four people unknowingly break the laws regularly by not restraining their dogs during car journeys.

With more people travelling with their dogs than ever it is so important that dog owners start to realise the dangers to their dog and themselves in the event of an incident. Whether you are going to the vets , the shops or  just going for a walk it is more important than ever to know the facts on how you should transport your pets in your car.

People are mistaken for thinking putting a dog bed in the footwell of a car is secure enough as their pet doesn’t move where this is just as dangerous as having your dog anywhere else in the car.

Under the Highway Code, all dogs must be suitably restrained in a moving vehicle to prevent distraction to the driver by not only moving around in the vehicle but gaining their attention in other ways. Dogs are also dangerous when loose to the passengers and other road users in case of an accident where the dog can be thrown into other passengers causing injuries.

With conditions getting more dangerous with winter spells across the country it is essential to ensure you take the correct measure to keep your family safe this year. There are several products out there that restrain your dog safely however two of our favourites are the ones that have been independently crashed tested.

You could purchase Solvit’s Deluxe Car Safety Harness with total piece of mind as these are attached to a fully padded vest, with a breathable inner layer for optimal comfort. They work smoothly in any car and are also compatible with an attachment that quickly connects to a child safety anchor point. They reduce drivers distractions and in the unfortunate case of an accident, will pull tightly and prevent the dog from falling anywhere.

If you prefer to have your dog secured in a container or you are used to using cages then the Solvit Pet Safety Seat is the best option for you. Working like a dog bed, it cradles your dog whilst you drive with the added benefit of your dog being strapped in at the same time. It has been crash tested to 2,000lbs and can be installed in less than a minute.

Most dogs absolutely love this product as it raises them up giving them the option to see outside which has a calming effect and also allows them to sleep during journeys whilst you know they are completely secured in the vehicle.

Please always remember to secure your pet in your vehicle just as you would yourself or a child and make sure that your friends and family know the law too by telling them to keep their pets and families safe this year. We are trying to raise awareness of these figures in hope that by this time next year they will have decreased and more families in the UK will be travelling safely with their pets.