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Radio presenters talk about their love of dogs

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 31/05/2013   Category: Latest News

The presenters of the world’s only dog-based radio show have spoken of the impact their pets have had on their daily lives, silobreaker.com reports.

Anna Webb, 47, and Jo Good, 53, previously co-presented ‘Barking at the Moon’ on BBC London – a show dedicated entirely to dogs. Whilst seeming niche at first, the show illustrated people’s affinity with their pooches and even secured high profile guest appearances from the likes of Bryan Adams and Harry Redknapp.

Now, the pair have spoken candidly about not only their love of dogs but the central role their pets have played in their respective lives.

Good, for example, lost her husband in recent years and sees dog Matilda as the last link she has to him. Having raised Matilda alongside her husband, Good sees the dog as a link back to the old family unit, even calling her “my saviour”.

The mood isn’t all glum, however. The two women gave credence to recent statistics that showed women who groom their own dogs experience the same release of oxytocin as new mums during breastfeeding. The results, which could prompt a rise in people buying dog grooming equipment, proved true for Good, who took herself by surprise when she began longing to care for something after deciding not to have children.

“I always believed there was no place for a child in my life and that I’d be a terrible mother, the kind who’d forgetfully leave it standing outside the supermarket while I drove off with the weekly shop,” she told express.co.uk. “So it was one of life’s great surprises when it found myself longing to care for and nurture another being.”