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Raining cats and dogs

Raining cats and dogs

Posted by: Sophie Berrisford  Date: 14/02/2014   Category: Blog

After the strong wind and rain we have had in the last few days you may have experienced wet dirty dogs coming into your house, dirtying their beds, making them smell musty and damp. Now is a great time to consider getting new products to help keep your pets and home clean and fresh.

Firstly after a dog has been on a walk and it has been raining they are going to get dirtier than usual. There is normally mud on the floor or loose leafs than get trodden into your home. Using a paw plunger will eliminate this entirely, leaving your dog with freshly clean paws without leaving a trace of mud in your house.

Paw plungers are so easy to use, simply fill them up before you leave for your walk with warm soapy water and once you return from your walk covered in mud simply plunge your dog’s paws into the plunger which has tiny bristles inside helping clean your dog’s paws. This will also eliminate any petrol, rock salt and any other chemicals from their feet, leaving them clean and warm.

If you dogs wet coat is making your current dog bed smell perhaps its time to consider changing the dog bed, not to another one that will do the same in a few months time but to a waterproof dog bed. Waterproof dogs bed doesn’t allow any moisture to sit in them meaning they don’t hold on to any dirt or smell so they stay fresh all year round. If you want to clean them you can wipe them down or even power wash them. They are fantastic for dogs who jump straight on them after walks, tend to get wet on walks and for people who don’t want to wash your dogs bedding after each walk or put up with a damp smelling dog bed.

We have several products that are fantastic in helping you get through this bad weather easily. If you require any advice please call us on 01785819507.