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Is raw dog food diet the way forward?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 02/12/2014   Category: Blog

Many dog owners in the dog industry are considering changing from their normal habits to feeding their dogs a raw food diet. Even boarding kennels and breeders are researching the benefits of this and considering whether to make the change too.

Like most things, there are both pros and cons for this type of diet and it depends on you and your dog to whether to you would want to change too.

Pros of a raw food diet:

Your dog’s skin could improve; the nutrients in raw food will nourish your dogs skin and will also toughen it up again fleas and ticks so it would be in the best condition.

Your dogs coat will also be shinier and glossier due to the raw food diet. Most of the dog food sold in shops does not contain all the nutrients your dog actually requires including the essential oils they need for a glossy coat.

Dog’s dental hygiene can massively be improved if they eat a raw food diet. If you feed your dog raw meat and bones, chewing on the bones will clean your dogs teeth and help strengthen them. At the same time, they also help prevent gum disease and issues of wear and tear. If you only feed your dog, dog food then this does not help strengthen their teeth.

Your dog’s stools will become smaller and firm due to them not having any ingredients to bulk up the food. The only food they have is put to use for the nutrients.

Your dog will seem more energetic and lively. Feeding your dog processed food means it takes longer to process and digest so your dog doesn’t get an energy boost from it.

Cons of a raw food diet:

There is no scientific evidence that the raw food diet is better for your dog entirely. The evidence shows both positive and negatives of doing this.

Your dog can be at risk of bacteria from the uncooked meat. Just like humans dogs can get ill from bacteria found in certain meats.

Your dog may not gain all the nutrients they need by simply eating raw meat. If you continue with this diet for a long period of time, they can have deficiencies which may cause more problems.

Your dog may hurt himself on a bone. He might chew too hard on the bone and break it putting himself at risk of puncturing his organs. He may also crack his teeth if the bone is too hard.

Most canine experts would promote using a combination of both a dog food and the raw food diet for your dog to have the best health possible from their food source. They can take nutrients from both diets and result in a balanced diet meaning your dog will be healthier from longer.

We would love to know your views on this raw diet dog food.

  • Sue French Islam

    I’ve read into giving my Bonnie raw food mixed with her kibble & I decided to change. Especially as she is a fussy eater. She loves the raw. We mix it with her softened fish kibble and she wolfs it all down. Every other day she has raw bones bought from a reliable trustworthy source and I am confident I am doing the best for her. She certainly has more energy since!

  • rawdogfood

    Raw is definitely the way forward, although it would of been nice to expand a little on the reasoning behind the cons.