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Record breaking gathering of 222 golden retrievers

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 05/09/2013   Category: Dog Training

A record breaking number of Golden Retrievers have gathered at Guisachan House in Tomich, Invernesshire which is where this breed originated.

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland held the gathering of 222 Golden Retrievers and was the third such gathering there has been.People came from all over the world to take part in the event, as far away as Hawaii and it was a roaring success with the dogs eventually sitting still enough for a photo with no owners in sight.  A committee member of the GRCS said, “The last three months of planning were a bit manic, but it was all worthwhile. I had a PA system and I was shouting at the owners “Get out! Get out of the photo!”

Each owner kept their eyes glued to their own dog as they stepped back ready for the photographs and it was worthwhile for everyone involved.Guisachan was the estate of Lord Tweedmouth who originated the breed there in the 1860s so it was a fantastic event to have there.

What a fantastic idea,  this must have taken a huge amount of dog training to keep them all so still. Does anyone else have any news about large gatherings of one breed, we would love to hear from you.