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Rise in status dogs admitted to animal shelter

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 23/11/2013   Category: Latest News

The charity, Blue Cross have spoken out about the number of status dogs recently being brought into their shelters and have stated the number is constantly increasing. The Blue Cross is ‘overwhelmed’ with the amount of Staffordshire Bull Terriers that are finding unwanted, abandoned and some are even ill treated.

They believe this is down to people purchasing these types of breeds as a status dog without considering the amount of time, care and money a dog like this requires.
Hannah Wiltshire, who works at the Burford Blue Cross Shelter in Oxford, said “They are solid, they are a heavy-looking dog, they are very muscular, so they can give off this impression of being a big, tough guy. So they’re used a lot with a kind of gang image.”
Blue Cross are aware of the increase in dogs and simply can’t cope with the numbers of phone calls about unwanted dogs they have and urge people not to buy from breeders but to help them and re home an unwanted dog. They believe part of the problem is over breeding causes by people breeding simply to make money. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are so commonly bred that they now have next to no value and they are being advertised for a minimal cost or sometimes free which entices people to have them even without thinking about the consequences involved with raising a dog.
In 2012 the charity took in 3,015 dogs into the shelter but unfortunately had to turn away around 1,800 Staffordshire bull terriers. These figures are far from ideal but this is problem that is set to rise.

The charity would like children to be more aware of the responsibilities of having a dog and they are currently going into schools, explaining all about dogs and how they need to be look after. This is one step the charity are making to help the future of dogs however it is evident that something needs to be done about the status dog image at the moment.

Status dogs have been in the news a lot recently due to the increase in dog attacks. Status dogs are encouraged to display aggressive behaviour to help the image of the owner however this is dangerous for everyone around the dog and makes life very difficult for charities when it comes to rehoming.

The Blue Cross would like to encourage potentially dog owners to come and visit their shelters and re home one of their dogs.