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RSPCA launches appeal to find owners for black cats

Posted by: Joe Elvin  Date: 05/09/2013   Category: Latest News

A Manchester RSPCA branch has launched a special appeal for potential new owners of black cats.

The charity is currently overrun with cats of this colour and has had to bring in extra volunteers to help take care of them all.

In an interview with mancunianmatters.co.uk, branch manager Susie Hughes said it was a real shame that these beautiful felines were struggling to find a loving home.

She added: “I think people are attracted to things that sparkle and they go for the jewel because, especially this year, there are so many unwanted cats that people are able to pick and choose.

“The tabbies and ginger cats tend to get adopted first. In my opinion I don’t think it’s down to people being superstitious about black cats, they just have more choice. I don’t think we live in such a religious society that superstition would come into it.”

The appeal, posted on rspca.org.uk, claims that it takes three times longer to rehome a black cat than it does those with different coloured fur. Those looking to adopt a kitten would have to ensure they invested in a cat flap, bed and all the other necessary pet products required within a loving home.

Manchester and Salford RSPCA had rehomed 123 cats in the year to July 2013.