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RSPCA warns of dog theft on the rise

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 24/04/2014   Category: Latest News

The RSPCA have announced a warning to all dog owners not to leave their dogs outside shops even if tied up after they have had a series of calls about gangs in Cambridgeshire have been reported to be stealing dogs via this method to use for their own entertainment in dog fights.

Posters in the area have been put in place across the area to warn dog owners of this activity and to persuade them not to leave their pets unattended so the police can crack down on these criminals.
There has been several reports recently of dogs being snatched from their own gardens however now people are becoming wise to this they now look to steal dogs in other ways such as whilst their owners are inside a shop.
The posters explain, “Attention all dog owners. RSPCA have issued this warning. Please take heed and keep your beloved pet safe. Dogs are being stolen from outside shops to be used as bait in dog fights, for breeding or for other people’s sick entertainment. It takes seconds for them to be taken. Do not leave your dog outside a shop. It is not worth the risk.”

Dog theft is unfortunately on the rise so we urge all dog owners to use our advice to keeping your dogs safe at all times.

1. Never leave your dog unattended in public even if you are just quickly going into the shop to buy one thing.

2. Ensure your dog is micro chipped. Soon this will be compulsory however getting it done sooner will increase your chances of being reunited with your dog if they were stolen.

3. If you want to leave your dog outside unattended, invest in a dog run so they are locked away safely.

4. Neutering dogs can deter theft as dogs that cannot be used to breed are less appealing.

Alan Maskell, manager of Blue Cross animal rehoming centre in Garlic Row, Cambridge, said: “People should be very careful about leaving their dogs outside shops. You could do it in the old days but sadly times have changed and there is a value on pets which attracts thieves.”

Dog thefts are usually targeted however the breed of dog usually does not make a difference so all dogs are a target and owners should be aware that whilst there are high reports in Cambridgeshire this will be happening nationwide and is currently on the increase. A Cambridgeshire police spokesman urged pet owners to call 101 if they believe their dog was stolen.