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The safest dog booster seat in the UK is Solvit

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/04/2015   Category: Blog

As the Easter Holidays approach, more people will be thinking about taking their dogs on car journeys  for days out, walks or away on a holiday. The most important aspect about dog travel is  the safety of both your dog and other passengers in the vehicle.

Solvit are the world leaders in dog travel products and have recently launched the new Pet Safety Seat. This seat is currently the only booster seat in the UK to have been independently crash tested and is the safest product out there to transport your pets. Other booster seats sold in the UK may claim that they will keep your dog safe however in a crash they have not been tested to withstand the effects of any impact.

It’s important that when you secure your dog in a booster seat the product can endure any large impacts so it protect both the dog but also the passengers of the vehicle. If the dog is not properly secured in the vehicle the dog can cause injuries to the passengers in the event of an accident. This product can be fitted into your vehicle in less than one minute in a similar way to how a baby seat is fitted. The seat and tether together have been crash tested in a DOT approved facility to up to 2,000lbs so by purchasing this booster seat, you know you are buying the safest seat on the market. Every section of this booster seat has been created with your dogs best interest at mind and not only is this Safe-T-Core booster seat incredibly safe it also looks stylish too in a choice of two finishes and it extremely comfortable for your dog.

The Solvit Pet Safety Seat not only has the best safety measures possible but it only helps dogs who don’t enjoy travelling or who suffer with anxious. The seat sits on your cars seat unlike the other type that hangs from the head rest. This lifts your dog up to they can see out of the window during the journey which helps to relax your dog and also prevents travel sickness. The more positive outings you dog has, the better at travelling they will be.

The best way to encourage your dog to enjoy travelling is to start off with small journeys with a reward at the end. If your dog suffers from travel sickness, choose a small route to a place you can then go for a walk and the walk will act as his reward. Gradually increasing the travel time but still rewarding at the end will reinforce that car journeys are nothing to be afraid of and your dog will start to enjoy them more. If you need help help or advice withthis product then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.