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Scratch Lounge heaven for our Maisie cat

Scratch Lounge heaven for our Maisie cat

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 31/01/2014   Category: Cat Care

Our cat Maisie is a beautiful black moggie who at the age of six is fussier than ever. She changes her mind weekly on which food she likes and is so incredibly fussy when trying out new toys or beds. When we were introduced to the Scratch Lounge we loved the concept of it and knew our customers would too as all cats love cardboard boxes and love scratching so with a 2-1 product, it was always set to be a best seller.

However we were sceptical  about what product tester Maisie would feel about  this new scratcher/bed. We brought one home and almost straight away she was intrigued by it and started scratching away. The Scratch Lounge is impregnated with catnip so most cats just take to it instantly. Since then it’s been her new best friend, we see her in it at some point of the day every day whether she is scratching or snoozing in it.

A cat’s instinct is to scratch and also to nest which is why this product is so fantastic and your cats will just love it. For any cat owner who has problems with their pets scratching their furniture this can be used to save your furniture and satisfy a cat’s urge to scratch. It is made from a super dense honeycomb construction that is 100% non toxic recyclable materials. It has a reversible three sided scratcher which you can change when you wish.

Coming with Canadian natural cat nip to rub into the surfaces, your cat will want to scratch and nest straight away. This revolutionary product is the ideal addition for Maisie and positioned just under the radiator creates the perfect haven for her.