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Smelly dogs are breaking up couples and driving friends away

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 31/12/2012   Category: Latest News


A recent article in the dailymail has suggested that smelly dogs with bad breath, flatulence and dropping hairs are a major reason for couples breaking up. More than 1 in 20 claim that their dogs bad hygiene was a reason that they split, this also affects our relationships with our friends and families too as the report suggests that dog issues are a major reason why we refuse to invite people around. More than half said they had not been invited to other people’s houses for fear that they would bring their dog, according to the survey by Byotrol reported on in the Daily Telegraph

Unfortunately dogs do naturally smell, some more than others and especially when dogs get wet this compounds the problem, other major issues were dogs bad breath and dogs that roll in faeces. Disgruntled friends and relatives objected to both the smell and the unpleasantness of stray hairs covering sofas and carpets and this has affected many personal relationships between friends and families.

Easyanimal.co.uk believe that extra care needs to be taken when you have friends that do not have animals, there are some excellent products on the market to deal with stray hairs, bad breath and even flatulence. If a friend really has an issue with your dog then look at leaving the dog at home when you visit or look at getting an outdoor dog kennel to house the dog in when they visit.