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Solvit Carelift Harness Helps Incapacitated Dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 14/09/2012   Category: Brands

We’ve just expanded our Solvit range even further! We have just taken stock of a brand new exciting product which has been carefully designed to help incapacitated dogs still do everything that a healthy dog can do.

The Solvit Carelift harness comes in two types: a rear lift harness and a full body harness. These harnesses are specially created to increase mobility and standard of life for older dogs or dogs struggling through injury. They do this by supporting all the dogs’ weight evenly so that moving the dog doesn’t cause the dog any discomfort and can continue with their every day lives.

Although we’ve only recently taken stock of these products, they are already very popular and are set to be a bestseller. For anyone who doesn’t already own any of Solvits’ products, they are produced to the highest quality and all come with their own guarantees. If you want any more information on this product, or any of Solvits range, feel free to contact us.