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Solvit improve their dog car seats

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 28/08/2015   Category: Blog

We are happy to announce that Solvit has launched their new range of design improvements to their selection of dog car seats. We are huge fans of the booster seat as it transformed our car journeys with our two dogs and now we get to hear from customers daily on how it is transforming theirs too. We have been looking forward to receiving the new batch of dog booster seats and can now confirm they are in stock.

We receive such great feedback on the dog car seats that we couldn’t really see any room for improvement however Solvit have managed to exceed our expectations by making a couple of adjustments to their design. The removable and washable lining has changed from faux sheepskin to a luxurious fleecy inner which has been proven to be easier to care for and wash; making it even simpler to keep fresh and clean. We know dog owners will love this change as we found the sheepskin lining slightly challenging to get completely clean. The outside cosmetics of the seat haven’t changed and are still made from the durable brown canvas it was before including a zippered pocket to keep any necessities in. Dog owners can be assured that the booster seats still have the same comfort factor for their dogs and your dog will love their seat even more than before.

Apart from the cosmetic change of the inner lining, the other main change is the thicker straps that go around the headrest and around the back of the seat in the car. This provides a more secure feeling for dogs as there is less movement from the booster seat itself when your dog is in it. Whilst we never had any issues with this before we can only see this as a positive change as dogs like to feel safe and by broadening these straps dogs are sure to feel extra secure.

Whilst Solvit have redesigned and improved their range of booster seats, we are keeping our prices the same so our customers can receive the best quality for the lowest price possible. Take advantage of the new design by visiting our website and purchasing a newly designed Solvit Dog Car  Seat.