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Solvit lead the way in dog travel safety

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 30/12/2014   Category: Owners Guides

There are endless manufacturers and resellers in the UK selling items designed for protecting a dog in a vehicle. Products such as dog harnesses, car seats, car cages and car booster seats are being marketed to keep both you and your dog safe within a vehicle. However this isn’t always the case after closer inspection of the products.

It is the law that in the UK dogs should be secured during car journeys for the safety of both the driver and the dog. Many dog owners will purchase these types of products thinking they are buying a safety product fit for purpose and one that in a car accident or the car having to stop abruptly would protect them and their pet. Unfortunately, this is the not the case. The majority are car products on the market in the UK would actually be useless in the event of an accident as they have no protection and have not been independently crash tested.

Unfortunately, it is completely legal to sell pet products that haven’t been crash tested however as the consumer, many of you would ask why they haven’t been. Crash testing facilities cost an extremely large amount of money so many pet product companies don’t see it as a feasible measure to take when it is optional when bringing a new product onto the market.

Sadly for dog owners this means your product may not protect you or your dog should you have a car accident. Whilst your dog harness or seat may prevent your dog distracting you wandering around your vehicle, if you were you stop abruptly or have a severe impact on the car, your dog may be thrown across the vehicle and even into the driver or passengers.

Whilst the UK seem very relaxed about pet safety in vehicles, America takes it very seriously and the leading brand of travel products, Solvit,  have just brought out their newest range of independently crash tested travel safety products including both a pet booster seat and also dog harnesses. These newest products have the accreditation to prove they are some of the safest pet travel products currently on the market.

Starting from just £23.99, Solvits’ safety travel products come with a lifetime warranty so you can buy with piece of mind knowing your have purchased one of the safest products on the market for both you and your dog.