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Solvit Tri Scope dog ramp selling out fast

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/10/2015   Category: Blog

After only landing a few days ago, the new  Solvit Tri Scope Dog Ramp is almost sold out and is being received well by our customers with fantastic feedback!

Designed in a similar way to our best seller; the Solvit Telescopic, the Tri Scope glides back inside itself when it is not being used. The main difference is that it is made with three sections rather than two like the telescopic so when stored it can be stored in an even small space, infact it is 30% shorter than the Telescopic. This new addition is a great choice for people who have small cars to store them in or those who travel with other passengers, bags and dog cages etc.

The ramp benefits all dog owners as it is extremely lightweight coming in at only 14lbs yet still supporting 300lbs, so is a fantastic choice for many dog breeds. Fitted with the same high traction walking surface as the deluxe telescopic, dogs will feel comfortable and safe walking up to your vehicle. It also has a convenient carry handle and a safety release latch that prevents accidental opening when holding or storing.

The feedback we have received from customers who have used this new ramp has been incredibly positive and we think it could be the ramp to rival our current best seller, the Deluxe Telescopic.

“Thank you to Easy Animal for the fast dispatch of Molly’s new ramp, she loves it and I do too as it now can fit just next to her cage!”

“We have the standard ramp for one car and have just purchased this for our other car; it’s just as good as the standard but smaller. Thanks again for a great product!”

We’ve had such a fantastic response from this new ramps arrival that we placed an order for more the very day these arrived! It’s great to be able to offer our customers such high quality ramps in a large range of sizes and styles so dog owners have a choice of what suits both their vehicles and their dogs breed.