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Spare a thought for the unwanted rescue dogs this Christmas

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 14/11/2014   Category: Blog

Whilst our beloved pet dogs will be surrounding by a loving family Christmas full of presents, warmth, attention and the occasional treat of turkey it is the worst feared time for many pets that are in rescue homes and kennels, especially Reg who has been named as the most unwanted dog in Rochdale.
Reg has been in kennels for over a year and Rochdale Dog Rescue home are desperate for him not to spend another Christmas lonely and unloved in the kennels. He hasn’t had a single potential owner show any interest in him and Volunteers as the rescue centre are now trying their best to change this.  RDR volunteer Sonia Dale said: “Reg has an amazing personality; he’s friendly, loving and lots of fun. He can be a little boisterous in the kennel environment, but once in a home with different distractions he is a completely different dog, loyal, loving and calm. He is an active boy who likes being out and about enjoying life.”
Reg is approximately four years old and has spent a considerable amount of his life in the rescue centre. Due to this he absolutely loves toys and plays with them regularly to pass time. He would be suited to an experience dog owner who has time to give him the attention he deserves. He is good with children however doesn’t get on with other cats or dogs.
Unfortunately, this sad story is one that rings true for so many dogs across England, they are all waiting for a place to call home and this Christmas they could become a part of your family. All rescue centres have loving volunteer workers who will take time out of the Christmas day to take on the daily duties of feeding, walking and caring for the rescue dogs.
If you hear about any friends, family or colleagues looking to buy a new dog for Christmas, tell them about rescue homes that have dogs waiting to be re homed rather than looking to buy a new dog or puppy. If you have any time free over the festive period, pop in to your local rescue centre and see if there is anything you can do to help, they will always welcome volunteer work. If you have any spare dog food or treats at home or if you are feeling generous enough to buy the rescue centres some supplies they would be very grateful.

Unfortunately over the cold periods, many people neglect their pets and the rescue centres have an influx of dogs brought to them to look after. Any way of the general public helping would be hugely appreciated by both the centre and the dogs.