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Springer spaniel eats 14 stones

Posted by: Sophie Berrisford  Date: 17/09/2013   Category: Latest News

Springer spaniel Flo has had to undergo emergency operation to remove 14 stones she had somehow managed to eat. Her owners haven’t a clue how she had managed to eat the stones without them noticing.

After being off her food one day it took a whole week for Flo to finally vomit and with that came one stone. She was rushed to the vets who x-rayed her and saw she had infact swallowed 14 stones weighing a total of 11lbs. Flo was kept in for two nights and could only have fluids whilst recovering at home. The vets have suggested Flo wearing a dog muzzle on future walks. Flos owners are understandably relieved the ordeal is over, ‘We’re just grateful she’s okay – it was a big operation for her to go through.’

If you notice your dog taking an interest in any object they are not meant to eat, try to discourage any contact with it and distract your dog with something else.