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How to Stop Dogs Destroying their Dog Beds

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 02/02/2016   Category: Animal HQ

Dog owners often have difficulty to find products that their dogs can’t chew resulting in frequent expensive replacements. It seems the product that is hardest to buy is  dog bedding due to the common types of bedding being soft cushioned  beds.

Dog chewing often starts as a puppy and part of the teething process however some dogs do it for several other reasons including, boredom or behavioural problems which can continue all the way through their life. Chewing isn’t always down to behavioural problems and is often prevalent in certain breeds more so than others. A soft dog bed can be shredded within hours of you leaving the dog alone and you can come home to not only a very messy house but a situation where you need to go out and replace your dog’s bed.

Whilst a dog chewing its way through dog’s beds is an annoyance, it is also extremely dangerous as the risk of your dog choking on the interior padding of a dog bed is high. Unfortunately you can lock your dog away in a contained area, dog run or crate to keep your kitchen, shoes or valuables safe but you cannot escape the need for a dog bed. For this reason, we get calls constantly from dog owners who have gone through several dog beds in a matter of weeks and are at the end of their tether with the situation, desperately needing a solution.

The only product out there on the market that we recommend is  Kuranda raised dog beds; it is the answer to dog owner’s problems when it comes to chewing. Kuranda dog beds solve this issue by creating a bed where the fabric is threaded onto the frame itself meaning no matter how much your dog tries, they will be unable to sink their teeth into it, meaning no more replacing beds every week. The Kuranda is a bed for life and to this day, we have never had a dog manage to destroy this type of raised bed.

Not only are these raised dog beds designed so the dog cannot get to the fabric but they also are made from strong materials of rigid pvc and aluminium which your dog will not be able to chew through either. They are really the only  solution to dogs who chew their beds. The kuranda raised dog beds are not only great for dogs that chew but also are the most hygienic beds as you can wipe them down quickly and easily. In our opinion, the Kuranda beds are  the best choice a dog owner can make as they will literally last a lifetime.