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Supermarket error highlights Christmas tip for dog owners

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 14/12/2012   Category: Latest News

The furore surrounding a recent Morrisons advert has helped to highlight a health issue for dogs – they must not be fed Christmas pudding.

Writing for huffingtonpost.co.uk, columnist and self-confessed dog lover Alice Wright pointed out that people have been talking about the supermarket for all the wrong reasons following the screening of an advert in which a child feeds their dog the festive dessert.

She pointed out that vets often see pets that have been fed something their owners did not realise was bad for them – everything from chicken bones and peanuts, to grapes and avocados could cause problems. It is far better to leave canine companions in their dog beds while the humans enjoy this type of food.

Following the Morrisons incident, president of the British Veterinary Association Peter Jones was moved to comment on the situation, urging advertisers to be more careful with the messages they send out.

He said: “It is vital that advertisers use animals responsibly and we are disappointed to see the Morrisons Christmas desserts TV commercial depicting a small boy feeding Christmas pudding to his dog… While we accept that many pet owners understand what is and is not appropriate to feed their pets, children watch adverts and can be easily influenced by what they see.”

According to telegraph.co.uk, a spokesperson for Morrisons said the supermarket had received expert advice before shooting the commercial, with the company being told that a very small amount of Christmas pudding would not provoke a serious toxic reaction if it was a one-off treat.