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Sureflap launches the new DualScan cat flap

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 07/11/2013   Category: Cat Care

We are delighted to announce that SureFlap have announced their latest product and it is set to be a best seller. Just launched is the brand new SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap which can scan with a microchip and RFID tag and also has selective entry and exit.

The new SureFlap DualScan has all the fantastic features of the best selling SureFlap Mircrochip Cat Flap with the added feature of selective entry and exit via the use of a double antenna. This antenna senses both microchips and RFID collar tags so cats can use either with this exciting new cat flap.It also has selective entry and exit which enables the cat owner to choose if they need a particular cat to be kept indoors whilst others are allowed out. Keeping all other features the same as the previous version including the size you can be sure you have the highest quality cat flap available now with the most advanced technology.

This is a great new feature which a lot of our customers have been asking for and SureFlap have listened to what the market has been crying out for and are the first to offer these exciting features. This will now enable you to keep a cat of your choice within the home whilst allowing your other pet’s free use of the cat flat and can be used in a number of scenarios. If you have a pregnant cat which is close to giving birth it’s a great idea to keep them safe indoors to prevent the risk of them giving birth outside. If you have an elderly or ill cat that you feel would be safer indoors over night then you can use this function to not allow them outside after a certain time.

This cat flap is only available in white at the moment with brown coming out in the New Year. It is now live on our site in the Cat Flap section so be sure to go and check this out.

  • Tonisha Parra

    Thanks for post this blog… I like it; this is a great original characteristic which a lot of our clients have been asking for and Sure Flap.

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