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Terrier found alive after eight days by tracker dog

Posted by: Elizabeth Smythe  Date: 29/01/2013   Category: Latest News

A tracker dog managed to find a snow-covered Cairn Terrier alive, eight days after it disappeared in -15C temperatures, eadt.co.uk reports.

Three-year old Maisie went missing while on a walk with her owner, Margaret Charles on January 16th. While enjoying the exercise on Dunwich Heath, East Suffolk, Mrs Charles slipped on ice and let go of Maisie’s retractable lead. The terrier disappeared and was not seen for eight days.

Initial searches were unsuccessful and due to the wintry weather conditions, Mrs Charles feared she would not see her pet again. There was snow on the ground and the temperatures had plummeted.

However, word had reached Lost Dog, a company that uses tracker dogs to help trace those that have gone missing. Volunteer Jenny Brown contacted Mrs Charles to say that she and tracker dog, Tigger would come and join the search. A few hours into the search, Tigger had managed find Maisie. She had survived by covering herself with snow in a make-shift igloo.

Elated, Mrs Charles drove to the scene and discovered that Maisie had been trapped not far from where she had fallen, her lead snagged on a tree branch.

Vets confirmed Maisie was well, though Mrs Charles said the terrier “keeps putting on the sad puppy eyes but we’re not going to overdo anything” – perhaps an investment in waterproof dog beds might be a good idea, if ever Maisie wishes to cover herself in snow again?

Volunteer, Ms Brown told mirror.co.uk: “I don’t think Margaret expected to see her dog again. But Maisie must have survived because snow covered the bush and provided shelter to keep her warm.”