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The government announces compulsory microchipping of all dogs by 2016

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 06/02/2013   Category: Latest News

Earlier today the government have announced plans to ensure that all dogs are microchipped by 2016 in a crackdown on dangerous dogs. Every new born puppy will have to be chipped in an attempt to trace the owners of dogs and to also help to track down the owners of dangerous dogs.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is also expected to announce further moves on legal protection for attacks on private property which will cover homes, gardens and private land where dogs are allowed to be. This new move is an attempt to protect the police, postmen and members of the public that venture onto private land. In the last 10 years the number of reports of injuries to postmen, delivery workers and telecoms staff caused by dangerous dogs has tripled to over 6000 in 2010.

Owners of a dog that attacks on private land will in future face prosecution, the concern is that there will be a significant cost for all dog owners to get their dog microchipped and yet it is only a small minority of dog owners that have dangerous dogs. Police forces will also face having to buy significant quantities of pet scanners so that they can check each dogs and many dog organisations are concerned about the extra cost but also how this will policed as there will always be a minority of owners that disregard the new law.
Today’s proposals will be well received by the Royal Mail, who have campaigned to have the law changed. But critics say they will penalise millions of law-abiding owners.