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Tips to keep your dogs teeth healthy

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 29/03/2014   Category: Expert Advice

All dogs teeth will need maintaining during their lives and it’s important that you make regular checks of their teeth. It’s a good idea to start this from a very young age when they are a puppy so that they get used to you opening their mouths to be inspected. There is nothing worse than a dog that won’t open their mouths or get snappy with you, so the more you can get them used to this routine the easier it will be for everyone.

Plaque can build up layer after layer on the teeth if you don’t address this issue and this can cause inflammation and infection especially around the gums so its important to ensure that this is closely monitored. Unfortunately many people think that giving your dog crunchy kibble will deal with this, all this will do is maybe address the outer layer of plaque but it certainly won’t deal with long term plaque build up.

Regular brushing of a dog’s teeth is an important part of maintain a healthy dog and we would recommend that this is done at least twice a week. Training your dog to do this from an early age is the key and there are some great meaty flavoured pastes that your dog will just love. Also there are now some really good dog brushes that clean the inner and outer surface of the dogs teeth in one go which makes the task much simpler.
Consider giving your dog some natural bones afterall this was how dogs used to clean their teeth in the wild. The chewing and gnawing does help to remove plaque and it keeps dogs quiet for ages whilst it scrapes away the plaque.

If your dog is suffering from any dental health problems, he cannot simply tell you or complain about the pain he is in. Instead, it is up to you to keep tabs on the condition of of teeth and gums and take action when needed.  If you are monitoring the condition of your dogs teeth on a weekly basis it gives you a great opportunity to see if there are any issues with the teeth and if you see anything that gives concern then please seek advice from your local vet. Stay vigilant and keep those teeth sparkling!