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Tips to prevent your dog being stolen

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/05/2014   Category: Blog

With dog theft on the rise in current months, it is the most important time to ensure your dog is safe at all times as unfortunately thieves are stealing more and more dogs from their homes, gardens or in public every single day in Britain.

Many of these thefts will be targeted; they target your dog for their breed, their age, their gender or even just because it’s an easy steal so you need to be aware of any suspicious behaviour from people around you, particularly people who seem to be watching you walk home. Some thieves are in organised gangs and they will leave coloured markings on the pavement outside your home and even on your windows so be aware of this too.

To help clamp down on dog theft, dog owners are being urged to take extra measures to ensure their pets are safe, whether you are with them or not as  we need to all become more vigilant and to help to reduce dog theft. All breeds but in particular pedigree dogs are at increased risk because of their resale value.

As dog thefts can happen at any time of the day whether it is in the day or at night time, they can also occur when you are at home or not. The best way to ensure your dog is safe whilst still giving them the freedom, exercise and fresh air they need is to invest in a dog run. A dog run is an enclosed area where your dogs have run to roam; they can see through the panels easily and yet can still be safe from dog theft.

They can be built to any dimension and simply bolt together and can even bolt to the floor to extra safety. You can then add a secure lock for the dog run door and then you know your dogs are extremely safe from any potential thieves. Whilst the dog runs are an ideal way of keep your dogs safe from targeted thieves, they also work as a great deterrent as thieves generally won’t even attempt to access your home knowing the dog run is locked and so is your house.

If you wish to look after the safety of your pet, we urge you to get in contact and discuss the possibility of having a dog run; there are many different styles of dog runs to suit all types of budgets and spaces available. We urge all dog owners to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any potential dog thieves and to report any suspicious activity to the police.