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Tips for using dog clippers

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 29/11/2016   Category: Blog

If your expenditures are much higher and you cannot afford professional grooming for your dog, then it is wise to groom your dog yourself. Don’t let your dog end up looking like a giant cotton ball, you must be ready to do some personal yet effective trimming.

There are a few tips for using dog clippers which will enable you to provide effective grooming for your dog. Also, there is nothing to be afraid of while using dog clippers as it requires no specialization.

1. First, wash and brush: As you bathe and brush your dog before using the dog clippers, you will get rid of tangles and hair clumps on your dog. This will make grooming easy and painless for your pet.

2. Right tools: Always keep in mind to use the right set of tools that have the required quality for effective yet safe grooming of your dog.

3. Keep it silent: If you are a dog owner, you must be aware how distracted they get from loud noises. So, you must choose a clipper that makes the least noise. A less noise making dog clipper is better for the owner as well as the dog.

4. Never pull their hair: You must take care of using the clipper with correct sharpness so that the dog hair not gets pulled.

5. Go steady: As you use the dog clippers, you should go slowly. You should take care of not leaving any lines.

6. Right direction: You must use your dog clippers with the growth of the dog’s hair so that your dog gets a smooth natural looking coat. There will be harsh lines on the dog coat, in case you use dog clippers against the hair growth.

7. Hold your dog: While using the dog clippers, any sudden movement is undesirable. You must hold your dog comfortably to avoid any such situation. You should start the shave from neck to back leg before starting with the other side.

8. Right blade: Different kinds of coat require different types of blades. Also, different blades will have different effects. You must be aware of what’s the best choice for your dog.

In case you have a puppy, you must start early with the grooming. If you use dog clippers early, your dog will get familiar with the process. So, to avoid mistakes and injuries, you must start early with the use of dog clippers.