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Which are the top 3 dog booster seats?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/09/2014   Category: Expert Advice

Pet booster seats are becoming a new must have product for all small dog owners as they  provide a much better experience when travelling in the car. They are a great product that allows you to strap your dog safely in the car just as you do yourself or your children so that your dog has a viewpoint and feels safe at all times.

Many people may ask why it is necessary to strap a dog into a vehicle and there are several answers to this:
•    Firstly it restricts your dog from moving around in the car which could act as a distraction.
•    Keeps the dog secure when turning or breaking keeping your dog safe
•    Prevents the dog hurting anyone during an accident
•    Raises the dog up so they can see out of the windows
•    Helps reduce travel sickness in dogs
•    Helps reduce anxiety in dogs, a safe haven during journeys
•    Uses seat belt technology so they are strapped in for the whole journey

Choosing the right booster seat is essential and with a number of different brands to choose from it is easy to get it wrong, hopefully the following guide will help you to make the right choice:

In third place we have chosen the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat, currently priced at £44.99. They are easily assembled into your car and you’re ready to go. They hold up to 30lbs however is quite small in size so can only really serve smaller dogs which may limit your choice. They come in colours such a blue and orange so for some people this may be slightly garish but others may love the bright colours. All of the interior lining is washable so great for keeping it clean and smelling fresh. It has the adjustable tether which keeps the dog secure to the seat and it is collapsible for when you do not need it. These are slightly more expensive and in all honesty its difficult to justify the extra cost

We have placed the Solvit Extra Large Booster Seat in second place, currently priced at £38.99. It can hold up to 25lbs and is large enough for larger dogs or due to it having two tethers is a great way of transporting two smaller dogs together. It comes in a chic brown and sheepskin style and fits in well into any car. It installs in one minute and works in both the front and back seats. Again the interior is washable and also has a deluxe version priced at £38.99 which is quilted with padded checked fabric. This product beats the Kurgo due to it being larger and a lot cheaper, we also think the fabric choices would suit a lot more people than the Kurgo seat does.

Finally in first place we have the Solvit Pet Safety Seat, priced at £43.99 for the standard or £47.99 for the deluxe. This seat is the only crash tested dog booster seat on the market and therefore is a clear winner as it has no comparison. This is also the largest of all the booster seats on the market and can carry a heavier load as the weight is supported directly onto the seat, it also straps in securely by using the passenger seat belt to restrain the seat and the dog.  The Solvot pet Safety Seat is suitable for either one dog or multiple dogs up to 30lbs and is truly the market leader. The main reason we have placed this in first place except for its style and great price is it is the only booster seat on the market to be crash tested in a DOT approved facility with the tether being tested up to 2,000lbs! We buy crash tested seats for our children so why not for our dogs when the price point is similar to others out there.

When choosing a dog booster seat,  you need to ensure that your dog can lie down and sleep comfortably on a longer journey so our advice is to pay attention to the sizing and always buy one that has enough space , please bear in mind that you can always fill a larger one with blankets to fill the space. Measure  your dog laying down and pay attention to the internal dimensions of the booster seats before deciding which one to buy. If you need any help in choosing a dog booster seat please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 01785 819507 or 0845 180 1010.