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Which are the top three pet stairs on the market?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 25/04/2014   Category: Owners Guides

Whether you have an elderly, old or even just a small pet, pet stairs will make a dramatic change to your lives. These steps will help your dog or cat reach places they usually couldn’t unaided such as sofas or beds putting less strain on their joints getting up and down. When looking for pet stairs you need to consider three main points: the weight of your dog, ensure the steps you choose can take the weight of your dog. You must think about where your steps will be used, it is solely for getting on the bed or sofa if so measure the height of these areas to ensure you get the correct height of steps. There are two types of pet steps, one is a solid structure and one is a foldaway version. The foldaway is great for travelling, moving between sofa and beds and also storing away when it is not needed. Make sure you consider which is best for you. We have tried and tested several different brands and types of pet stairs and have found the best three pet steps on the market at present.

In third place we chose Pet Gear 3 Steps. They are a fixed structure measuring: 23″High x 16″Wide x 25.25″Depth and come in a neutral colour with carpeted steps. They feature larger than average steps which help to encourage more nervous dogs, ensuring they become confident on the steps. They are a very stable structure and come with rubber grips on the bottom so they don’t move even when on slippery flooring such as tiles or wood. The carpet is removal so they are simple to clean and they support pets up to 150lbs in weight. The main downside to these steps is they come flat packed so you would be required to build them on delivery.

In second place comes the Solvit Wooden Pet Stairs. The first noticeable difference would be the aesthetics of the pet stairs. These look beautiful and sure to fit in with any homes decor very well with their rich walnut finish. The are foldable stairs which is great as you have the option to store them away if you have guests over or want to take them away with you. They come assembled so are useable straight away. The pet stairs come in two different sizes enabling even the larger dog breed to use them. Their largest model 25” High x 19” Wide x 30” Depth which is ideal for large dogs however can also be used if you have a higher than usual bed. The steps have a raised side rail which help dogs with less confidence use the steps as this creates a safe feel to them. They are the most expensive pet stairs out of the three we have chosen however with a one year warranty we feel these luxury steps are worth the investment.

In first place we have chosen the Solvit Pupstep Plus which is the cheapest of our three steps featured. These are an attractive yet affordable option for any pet that needs that extra help to reach their favourite places. The colour chosen is a neutral colour suitable for every home and is a lot lighter colour than the Pet Gear steps which is comparison seem to be quite yellow in colour. They are similar to the wooden stairs as they are foldable which is a great feature however they are exceptionally light weighing only 5lbs so are by far the easiest steps to store or travel with. Whilst being incredibly light, this unique construction can still hold a huge 120lbs. They come assembled and also include side rails helping dogs feel at ease. They have rubber grippers on the bottom which make them non slip and can easily be wiped down. The overall size of the steps is 24”L x 16”W x 20”H.
We understand that some dogs might not enjoy using stairs at first and we advise training your dog to use the stairs using treats. Most dogs take to the stairs within the first day of having them. Using dog stairs can help keep your dog’s joints healthy as no pressure is added to them whilst jumping up and down. If you require any help choosing the right pet stairs for your dog breed please feel free to contact our friendly team.