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How to train a cat

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 24/03/2015   Category: Cat Care

Most people are led to believe that you can only train dogs, however it has been proven that you can also train cats and they are in fact one of the most intellectual pets and the easiest to train.

Cats can be trained with a variety of products and can learn the basic commands such as sit and to give a paw as well as being trained to eliminate behavioural problems such as scratching. Cat training takes time and patience as all types of training does however it can be exceptionally rewarding for both the cat and the owner as it will stimulate your cat and strengthen the bond between you both.

The best way to train your cat is by using a clicker. Clicker training works by sound followed by reinforcement and then praise or a cat treat. Most cats work with sound every day naturally by running to their bowls when they hear their food coming out of the cupboard. Clicker training includes no punishment for your cat but only positive treats when they are progressing.

The cat training works by saying a command word such as ‘sit’ followed by a click which is immediately followed by a treat. This will help your cat associate that command with a treat so they will want to do it again. Keep your training sessions short so that your cat doesn’t get bored and uninterested. Ensure the treat you are using is small and is your cat’s favourite as you will need them to really want the treat.  Search for a clicker than is quieter than one used for dog training as cats tend to be more sensitive to sound.

Another great product to use to train your cat would be a target stick. It is a great way to associate your cat with a clicker as most target sticks come with clickers inside. Move your target stick and when your cat touches the stick, press your clicker and reward with a treat. Once your cat has grasped the idea, try getting them in places you want them to go such as their cat bed or carrier.

Cat training is very similar to dog training and it is all about hard work and patience from both sides. Try to keep your sessions short and exciting so that your cat will want to do it again and progress further. Remember never to tell your cat off if they are not progressing as fast as you would like, but always to praise when they do well.