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How to transport dogs in cars safely

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 23/01/2015   Category: Blog

The Welfare of Animals (Transport) in both England and Wales states that you must not transport an animal that can cause or is likely to cause injury or unnecessary suffering to the animal. According to The Highway Code it is important that dogs in vehicles are restrained in order not to distract the driver or to cause injure to either the dog or passengers in case of sudden breaking.  The RSPCA promotes dogs beings restrained in a vehicle properly, so that they can travel both safely and comfortably.

There are several ways to transport your dog safely within a vehicle. One of them is to use a dog crate/cage. This is great for larger dogs that you need to be confined to a section of the car as they are quite larger however this must only be used it doesn’t obstruct your vision behind you and you will have to train your dog to use the crate. Many people who owner crates have a dog bed or blanket in the crate for them to lie down which works well for most people.

Another way of restraining your dog would be a booster seat. This is quickly becoming the most popular choice as not only does it protect both your dog safety and your own by tethering them to the booster seat, it allows them the freedom of being sat in the car without a cage around them which panics some dogs and also allows them to see outside. Many people say this is has helped dogs with travel sickness to overcome the sickness and fear and enjoy car journeys again.

On average the dog booster seats are cheaper than a cage and work simply but being connected and fastened to the cars seat then the dogs harness is attached to a tether on the booster seat. You can have more than one dog in the booster seat by using multiple tethers in the booster seat. These booster seats have the added advantage of giving a dog a view from the car so they tend to travel happier and have fewer issues with travel sickness.

There is now a crash tested booster seat on the market called Solvit Pet Safety Seat which is the safest booster seat available on the market at the moment. When buying any travel accessory, be sure to read the instructions and fit the product safely so you dog is safe at all times.