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Travel with your dogs?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 03/07/2015   Category: Blog

We travel with our two mascots regularly and now after plenty of practice I count myself as a professional at it and with my knowledge and experience can help you travel with your dogs without any added pressure.

Firstly, packing for your dog might seem simple however it’s very easy to forget things if you don’t have a checklist. Write a list of all the necessities for your dog for your stay, these will include: dog bed, blanket, bowl, lead, bags, food and toys. However you will need to separate which items you need on the journey itself and which can be stored away. A great trip it to have a transportable dog bowl for the journey as you will need your dog to have access to water throughout the journey.

Secondly, consider the best time to travel as being stuck in rush hour traffic in a hot car with a dog is not only less enjoyable but also can be distressing for your dog and dangerous at times. Travel between rush hour to limit the risk of traffic but have planned spots where your dog can have a small walk and relieve itself. This will keep your dog calm and happy whilst travelling.

To help your dog settle into their new place whether it be a hotel, or cottage try to set up their area first before unpacking your own things. This will make them feel at home and stop them from being anxious, allow a couple more treats than usual to reassure them that everything is fine and they will soon settle. Keeping to their regular feeding and walking times will also help prevent them from feeling nervous or on edge.

Always take extras – Having extra food and treats on hand is also a good idea when away as you don’t know how far away a shop will be or whether they will stock your particular brand. Extra toys and blankets will bring a familiar scent to your dog’s area which will help relax him. Medication is always wise to take even if your dog is well before travelling, its best to take a small bag just incase you have any problems with your dogs health.

If you are staying in a dog friendly cottage then you will need to research the local area before travelling. Make a note of the nearest emergency vets and where dog friendly places to visit are including beaches and pubs as some cottages do not allow your dog to be left at home unattended. Most of all enjoy yourself, its fantastic that people can now take their dogs on holiday with them and do not have to feel the guilt of leaving them either at home or in a kennel.