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Travelling with your dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 04/08/2015   Category: Blog

When travelling on holiday in the UK, it is always a great bonus that you can take your dog on holiday with you and with this guide it becomes extremely simple to do.  Before leaving check your dog is up to date with their vaccinations and also check they are insured properly for going on holiday, if not you can usually alter this quite easily. Once these are checked, you are set to leave!

As well as packing the necessities to take away on holiday with you including dog beds, toys and food you will need to pack a bag purely for the journey there, this will make your journey very smooth and ensure you don’t have to stop half way and try to find the right bag for your dogs things in it.

Firstly, ensure you have plenty of water for the journey and also a dog bowl to feed your dog with. Make several stops so your dog can drink and go to the toilet as this will prevent them from being anxious on the journey. Inside your journey bags include a lead and collar or harness and poop bags so you can reach these at each stop quickly.

You will want to make your dog as comfortable as possible during the journey, including allowing them to lie down and have a nap. Consider a booster seat as this allows your dog to view outside the car but allow gives them the security when they want to nap like a dog bed would. Booster seats are the safety way to transport your dog especially the Solvit Pet Safety Seat which has been independently crash tested. You can include a blanket or dog toy to help them feel secure during the trip.

When packing for your holiday you will want to double up on everything so you won’t be left short. Ensure you have two leads and collars incase one breaks when you are far away from a shop. Take several old towels and dog shampoo so if they get dirty you can clean them easily in your holiday home. Always pack extra food so you don’t have to make any special visits to the shop just for dog food, include a few extra treats too to help your dog settle into their new home.

When arriving on holiday, always let your dog explore their new surroundings as this enables them to calm down quicker and feel at ease. Set up your dog’s area first so they have familiar smells and can settle in quickly. Take your dog everywhere with you so they are not left alone in a strange environment.  Take some time to research the local area if you haven’t already including where your nearest vets are. Finally, enjoy your holiday!