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UK’s most dangerous dog to be destroyed

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 06/12/2013   Category: Latest News

After a long eighteen months has passed, a decision has finally been made to destroy the animal named by the police force as the most dangerous dog they have ever seen.
The Japanese Akita named Diesel escaped from his home in Wolverhampton and made his way across the road where he saw nine year old Amy leaving her grandmother’s house. The dog is said to have stalked the young girl as she said goodbye to her grandma on the driveway of the house before making an abrupt attack on the innocent girl.
The dog attacked Amy from behind and got her head between its jaws where it viciously mauled her and shook her vigorously shook her. Luckily her dad, Mr Hryhoruk saw the attack and raced out to her jumping on the dog to try and get it to let go of Amy’s head.
From stepping in to save his daughter, Mr Hryhoruk also gained sever injuries from the dog and had to have two operations whilst Amy also received stitches in the back of her head from the bite marks.
The predatory beast was then taken away by the police and kept in kennelling for the 18 month long decision process began which has finally come to an end. The judge has ordered for the dog to be destroyed. Singh, of Lichfield Road, Rushall, pleaded guilty to being responsible for the dog, which belongs to his son Amrit Pal, at the time of the attack, and for letting it escape. The 60-year-old was fined £750 for the offence and has to pay prosecution costs of £1,200 and kennelling costs of £7,653.81.
However now the Hyrhoruk family are now campaigning for a change in the law as they feel Mr Singh has been unjustly sentenced. Mr Singh received the punishment as his son who owns the dog was not at home at the time of the attack so Mr Singh has received the full brunt of the punishment himself. Mr Hyrhoruk wants only the owners of the dangerous dogs to be liable for their pet’s actions and no one else. He explains, “While we welcome this conviction and the punishment given, we do feel sympathy for Mr Singh. Because of the bizarre way the law works with dangerous dogs he has had to carry the can so to speak simply because his son who owns the dog was not in.”
Mr Hyrhoruks family now has the reassurance that they are safe and the 18 months of not knowing whether the dog will be allowed back in their street. The family are said to be relieved.