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University finds link between status dogs and crime

Posted by: Sophie Berrisford  Date: 18/06/2013   Category: Latest News

Middlesex University criminologist Simon Harding conducted research that presents a link between to use of status dogs and crime within the UK which has brought concern to The Kennel Club about the use of status dogs. Secretary Caroline Kisko said, “The issue of status dogs and more importantly the irresponsible minority who own and breed these dogs for the wrong reason is one that the Kennel Club is particularly concerned with.”
With the recent events in the news of several dogs attacking humans this report has come at an important time for the public to see what effect a poorly trained dog can have. Status dogs are bred and sold for the wrong reasons and are brought up trained to fight or to be aggressive which not only puts the general public at risk but also puts strain on the government to act upon reports and complaints to see the vicious dogs removed from their homes and placed into a dog home, at great expense. These type of dogs will have had no dog training at all other than to be trained to be aggressive which is a concern for the public in general.
There are calls for the government and dog welfare organisations to work alongside the police to tackle this problem and push hard for measures to prevent situations where they have to deal with irresponsible dog owners or breeders. Having a system in place to protect both the public and the dogs is the way forward in the future and tough decisions need to be made immediately for the benefit of everyone